Success or Significance...

My name is David Mendonca,

I am  Husband, Father, Pastor and Journeyman Lineman of 15 years.

Wasn’t always so, in 2018 I almost lost my wife to a very tricky, Chronic Disease. During that dark time my Lord Jesus Christ was faithful to us in that very Moment. He spared my wife, and In turn spared my life as well as I didn’t see a life without her. God used that time to grow me like I had never thought imaginable.

He showed me how it is possible to be a better Husband and a father no matter where you are. I am here today as a living example of how good our God is. My very goal is to reach men who have lost their way to trying to achieve success in worldly things as their family takes a back seat. It is my mission to help fathers to take back there rightful place as servant leaders.


David Mendonca