When we say Show Up Dad, what do you think of?

It is a Dad that is aware of Himself as a man and How Important he is to his Family.

It involves being self-aware of who you are as a Man, as a Husband and as a Father.  This is the Foundation...

A Show Up Dad knows his role in the family. He knows what it means to be a man. He understands he is a model for his sons on how to be a good man and husband. If he has daughters, he models what they should look for in a husband and father for their children. Basically, he knows the 10 Ways To Be a Better Dad.

A self-aware dad knows his moods, feelings and emotions, and capabilities, strengths, and challenges. He is responsible for his behavior and knows his growth depends on how well he knows and accepts himself.

To help you become even more self-aware, ask these kinds of penetrating questions:

How well do I know myself?


Do I have a sense of meaning?


  1. How does being a father play into my sense of meaning ?

  2. What is my current role in my family?

  3. What would I like it to be?

  4. What can I do to work toward that goal?

  5. What are my biggest challenges?

  6. Am I ignoring them or dealing with them?

  7. If I am dealing with them, is it in a healthy or unhealthy (e.g. self-defeating) way?

  8. How do these choices affect my children and family?

  9. What are my biggest challenges in fathering?

  10. What can I do differently to be proactive and show my dedication to my children?

  11. Another way to become self-aware is to consider how you act on a daily basis. Do you know, for example, what part of the day you are likely to be most tired or annoyed?

  12. Pay attention to how you treat your spouse and children during these times.

  13. If you know, for example, that by 6:00 p.m. you're tired and more likely to become annoyed because you've been at work all day and in traffic, you should schedule at least a few moments to be calm before you open the door and engage your family.

  14. If youʼre frequently frustrated when you enter the house, that's a red flag something needs to change that you can control.

  15. Think about how your daily actions reflect what you know you need to be as a man, dad, and husband or partner.

  16. The Show Up Dad understands he is responsible for his decisions and actions.

  17. The Show Up Dad also knows his ability to be with his children in all the ways they need him—physically, emotionally, and spiritually—is affected by the choices he makes.